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    Lafayette Lines


    In this Issue:

    • A Message from the Principal
    • Greetings from P.E.
    • Counselor's Corner
    • K-5 Fine Arts

    A Message from the Principal

    Dear Lafayette Community: I cannot believe how fast this school year has gone. We are in the final eight weeks! The weather has been wonderful so students are able to have a great time outside. We are serving lunches outside on these beautiful days as well. With the weather being warmer, I would like to remind families of the student dress code. Students must come to school dress appropriately. Please have your child wear shoes that are appropriate for running and playing. We want to make sure they are not injured while they are at recess and/or PE.

    We are finishing up state testing this month. Fourth grade classrooms are going to Camp Coleman on May 7th-9th. We also have our performance of Shrek: The Musical at West Seattle High School on May 17th, 18th and 19th. Please check the school calendar for other events coming up.

    Please remind your student of our school-wide expectations of Showing Respect, Making Good Decisions, and Solving Problems. We have seen an increase in students being sent to the office for not meeting expectations, so please discuss with your child.

    Next week is staff appreciation and I would like to thank everyone in advance for your generosity and commitment to supporting the staff at Lafayette. You make it a wonderful place to work!


    Cindy Chaput
    Principal @ Lafayette

    Mrs. Banner’s K-5 PE

    Cascade Bicycle ClubDear Parent/Guardian,

    Cascade Bicycle Club is partnering with your child’s school to bring our bicycle and pedestrian safety education program to students in the upper elementary grades. A fleet of bikes will arrive at the school soon and students will participate in a three-week program in their P.E. class where they will learn important safety skills, whether walking or rolling. All instruction will occur in a managed environment and will be taught by your child’s physical education teacher.

    The program is aligned with state physical education standards and intends to:

    • instill the joy of walking and rolling, while encouraging bicycling and walking as everyday transportation and recreation
    • increase safe behavior and decrease injury while walking and rolling
    • understand basic traffic safety and rules of the road
    • increase confidence on a bike and gain better bike handling skills
    • instill a sense of self-responsibility with regard to safety and respect for other street and trail users

    Students will also learn how to properly fit a bike helmet as part of this program. We’ve partnered with Seattle Children’s Hospital to provide some guidelines on the next page on helmet fit so that you can make sure that everyone in the household has the tools to reduce injury by wearing a properly fit helmet.

    Walking and biking are some of the easiest ways for elementary school students to practice healthy lifestyle choices and to become even more connected to their community. A growing body of research suggests that physical activity increases cognitive ability--this means that when students walk and bike to school, they arrive awake and ready to learn!

    We are excited to bring this program to your school, and to encourage both students and their families to be active together. To learn more about the broader work of the Cascade Bicycle Club, which includes advocacy, major rides and events, and volunteer opportunities, visit

    Happy riding!

    Cascade Bicycle Club

    Helmet Basics

    Wearing a helmet can prevent about 85% of head injuries from bike crashes. However, a helmet will only protect when it fits well.

    Help your child get in the habit of wearing a helmet by starting when they’re young. Be a good role model and wear a helmet yourself.

    For biking or riding a scooter, look for a CPSC (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission) or Snell sticker inside the helmet. Check the inside of the helmet for the date of manufacturing. The helmet should be no more than 5 years old. All of the helmets provided by Cascade for this unit meet these standards.

    If there are any visible cracks or defects, discard and replace the helmet.

    If the helmet has been in a major crash, throw it away and replace it. Bike helmets are good for only one crash.

    Grades 3-5 will be doing the biking unit from April 24-May 15. Students can bring their own bike and helmet to school and lock their bikes in the front of the school. If any parents are able to help volunteer for this unit please email at

    Counselor's Corner

    Patience in May

    The word that the PAWSitivity Team chose for May is Patience. Patience is the quality of being patient or persevering through delays and annoyances. When we are patient we are diligent and show the willingness to listen. We will show patience by being open-minded (flexible!) and being tolerant of other people.

    By having patience, we are patient with each other and we don’t complain. When we show patience we tolerate the things going on around us without complaining or getting angry and upset.

    So remember to build unity in our community by practicing patience this month and every month!

    By Koreb


    Ms. Sandler K-5 Fine Arts

    All second and 3rd graders built coil pots from terra cotta clay. The pots were fired in the kiln, students glazed them and then they were fired again! After the pots were complete, we took them to the plant lab where Ms. Alden taught students about succulents and how to care for them. Then each student planted their own succulent in their terra cotta planters! It was so great to see how the art we make at Lafayette can also be functional. If you are a parent of a 2nd or 3rd grader – I hope you enjoyed their projects!

    plant in a student made pot

    plant in a student made pot

    plant in a student made pot

    plant in a student made pot

    plant in a student made pot