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    December 2018

    Dear Lafayette Community, 

    Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season.  We are very busy here at Lafayette! Students have finished their first trimester of STEAM and are excited to share their learning on Thursday, December 20th.  Please check your child's classroom newsletter for times.  Also, as part of STEAM classrooms have started their field trips to the Living Computer Museum.  We are very excited for the upcoming Winter Wonderland of Lights exhibit this week-end from 6pm-8pm.  The book fair and the craft fair were both very successful.  Thank you for supporting our students at Lafayette!


    Other upcoming events include dine out night at Mioposto Tuesday, December 18th from 5pm-10pm.  We will be having our winter sing-a-long on Friday, December 21st at 8:15am.  There are lots of special activities and field trips coming so please check with your classroom teachers.


    Hope everyone enjoys their families over our Winter break and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year for lots of learning!


    Partners in Learning-

    Cindy Chaput
    Principal @ Lafayette

    Ms. Kaplan's Corner

    Winter is in the air and we are so excited for the many fun activities and learning that are taking place at Lafayette!  As you may have heard, we’re looking forward to our first STEAM Celebration/Open House on Thursday, Dec. 20th in the morning when students will share the learning and great work they’ve been doing during our first STEAM session.  I’ve had a chance to drop by the STEAM classes and see student-guided inquiry, exploration, and lots of enthusiastic and inspired learners getting fun glimpses of fields that might pique their interests throughout their academic and future careers! 


    As Winter Break approaches, please remember that breaks are wonderful times that we treasure with family and also can be challenging for many students who thrive on routine.  Be sure to keep reading over break with your student consistently and continue to have them work on Dreambox for math practice.  Warmest wishes to you and your family for a lovely winter break!


    Laura Kaplan

    Assistant Principal

    Lafayette and Gatewood Elementary Schools

    Hello Lafayette Families! Music

    I wanted to first start off by saying thank you to all the students of this incredible school, and how amazing their singing was during the Veterans Day assembly. Also, a special thank you recognition to the fifth grade students who provided us with such a beautiful reading from the book The Wall. 

    In music for the week before and after our Thanksgiving break, we worked on rhythmic assessments. I had each student answer questions based on all the rhythmic techniques they have learned from the beginning of the year up until now. Then they performed, individually, a rhythm that I wrote out for them. Finally, they all composed a 16 beat rhythmic pattern.

    This assessment was to help me understand how each student processes the information in class, and how well they are able to reproduce it.

    Now that we are in the winter season, I have begun teaching my students winter songs to have prepared for our winter singalong assembly. 

    The 2nd and 3rd will be singing Jingle Bells, and Frosty the Snow Man.

    The 4th and 5th will be singing My Favorite things, and Winter Wonderland.

    Then the whole school will sing Somewhere in my Memory at the end.

    I believe it will be an excellent assembly to bring us into our Winter break.

    Thank you for all you support Lafayette Families!


    Mr. Payne

    Fine Arts
     Fine Arts 1

    In the art room students across grades k-5 have worked with clay to create creatures.  Students first made pinch pots and embellished their pinch pots with horns, teeth…first, a plan was made with sketches and then attempted with the clay.  Additionally, students are in the process of creating art that focuses on the following vocabulary words: line, shape, color and value.  These words come from the Seattle Art Museum’s Elements of Art.  Students are first practicing their understanding of value by drawing a mountain range with black, to gray, to white…gray with drawing pencils, white with the pure paper and black with sharpie pens.  Color, shape and line are created by drawing a continuous line that crosses over itself creating shapes and adding color; now with the concept of value, students are asked to add the same color with variations of value.  

    Nicole Bajaj
    Fine Arts

    Counselors Corner

    As the school counselor, I spend a lot of my time teaching student’s skills that will help them be successful learners, as well as kind, empathetic, and inclusive individuals.  In November, all the classes started a new social emotional curriculum called Second Step.  You should have received (or will be receiving) a parent letter explaining Second Step, along with a family Home Link (printed on the back) that shows you what your child is learning and how you can support and help continue his/her learning at home. It’s great for students to participate in social emotional learning at school, but it’s even better and more effective if everyone at home also uses the same language and skills.  Your student will receive a Home Link to share with you after every lesson.

    Second Step teaches skills in these four areas:

    1. Skills for Learning
    2. Empathy
    3. Emotional Management
    4. Problem Solving


    If you have any questions about Second Step, or if I can support your child or family in any way, please reach out!    I am at Lafayette on Mondays, Tuesdays and every other Wednesday.  My email is and my office number is 206.252.9569.

    Kenna Hart, School Counselor