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    Greetings Lafayette Community, 

    Black History is not separate from our collective American history, but we highlight it in February. Teachers at each grade level are teaching lessons that are grade level appropriate about the Black Lives Matter movement and Black History.  Do contact your child’s teacher to learn more about the lessons and activities the grade level teams have designed. I would encourage families to talk at home around the themes of courage, leadership, justice, respect and equal opportunities.  What do these words mean to your student and in your family?  Children are offered a lasting gift when they are really listened to and able to engage in conversations of substance. Parents and guardians are children’s first and most important teacher.  I imagine parents feel like teachers more than ever before!

    Thank you for your partnership.  I know virtual education is not easy and that families are making lots of sacrifices to keep a semblance of learning.  The district is working hard to create the changes and plans for a safe return.  For example, it is a first that I have an extensive map of the H VAC systems and the numbers of students that will be allowed in each area.  Our priority is to return first students with special needs, and then PreK-1st grades on an A/B schedule.  An A/B schedule means cohorts coming for two days each week. Virtual learning will continue to be an option for PreK-1st.  The announced date of March 1st is dependent on a yes vote from the Seattle School Board and SEA (Teacher’s Union) so it is tentative.  The logistics are humongous but getting children back in school is every educator’s priority.

    Rest assured this will NOT last forever!  West Seattle is a beautiful walking community, I hope you prioritize a walk each day for good mental and physical health.  Do not hesitate to contact me if you have a question or concern.

    In Partnership,

    Susan Follmer

    Acting Principal


    Warm greetings Lafayette families,

    There have been many questions lately about returning to school and about the Covid-19 vaccine.  Here are a couple of links to help answer questions.  For information on returning for in-person learning please go to:  To find out  when you may be eligible to receive the Covid-19 vaccine please go to: good care everyone.

    Nurse Julie - Voice mail : 206-252-9507, Email :

    As promised, here are a few more tips about sleep!  The national sleep foundation’s recommendations for nightly sleep are: 


    3-5 years old

    10-13 hours


    6-13 years old

    9-11 hours


    Bedtime routines are important!   Being consistent and doing the same relaxing things each night will signal your child’s body that it is time for sleep.  Here’s some examples:

    1. Bath Time - Brush Teeth - Read Stories - Sing

    2. Warm drink - Brush Teeth - Stretch - Hugs with Stuffy

          booksSave the Date!  Curb Side Library

    Our next curb side pick-up is scheduled for Thursday, February 11th from 3:30-6:00 PM.  Books will be available from the main door. Don’t forget to bring your child’s old books in exchange for the new ones.

     Global Reading Update

    Fourth & Fifth grade students interested in competing in the GRC Quiz Bowl can sign up at the January 21st Curb Side Day.  Students should also check out competition books and pick up practice quiz questions from Ms. Nakagawa at the checkout table.  If there are enough teams the Quiz Bowl has been scheduled for Thursday, March 25th.


    blmMany people start a new year by making a new year’s resolution.   In K-5th, we read Salt in his Shoes by Dolores Jordan and Rosalyn Jordan. This story about Michael Jordan, told by his mother, is about how hard Michael worked towards his goal of being the best basketball player he could be. We focused on how he had to work hard, practice, believe in himself, and not give up, even when things were not going his way.  In 3rd-5th, we also learned about SMART goals We discussed how important it is to set goals, how to think through them using the SMART acronyms and how important it is to believe in ourselves and use positive self-talk. 

    In January, we also celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday by learning more about his life and focusing on three words that symbolize his hard work and beliefs:  Courage, Leadership and Justice.  As a school (and nation) we are celebrating Black Lives Matter during the month of February – and beyond!  At Lafayette, we believe all people should be treated with kindnessrespect, and have equal opportunities.  We are all special and have so much to offer.  Here are three books and a TEDx youth talk  you may want to check out with your family: 

    Get Up, Stand Up  

    A Kids Book About Racism  

    Something Happened in Our Town 

    Why Black Lives Matter NOW, TEDx Youth Talk 

    I am available for individual check-ins with kids or parents, meetings with families, and I am also available to connect with kids during their lunch time.  Please reach out if your child or family needs support. 


    Kenna Hart, School Counselor at Lafayette 


    Monday, Tuesday and every other Wednesday 

    Book an appointment


    Hello Lafayette!

    I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this time! 

    In Music, the students have been working on a variety of new ideas. We are learning new music symbols to add to our rhythmic practice, developing an understanding of melodies and being able to combine that with rhythm to compose original melodies and soon original pieces of music, and we will soon begin learning new songs to prepare for, hopefully, our end of the year concert. In the upcoming month we will also be getting back into learning more about the music and art cultures from around the world. 


    Thank you for all your help and support!

    -Mr. Payne


    Dear Lafayette Families,

    I have been enjoying seeing the creativity of our Lafayette students.  It was very rewarding to break away from two-dimensional works of art and delve into three-dimensional sculpture.  I will continue to investigate sculptural art projects that use common household materials.  Thank you for encouraging and supporting your children during virtual learning, I am so appreciative of our Wonderful Lafayette Community.


    Mrs. Bajaj



    The following link will take you to our school tour

    Event #1 Thursday, February 4 @ 5:30 pm

    Microsoft Teams meeting

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    Event #2 Thursday, February 11th @ 5:30 pm

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    February 2: DEI monthly meeting - PTA

    February 4: Virtual Open House 5:30 pm

    February 11: Material Distribution 3:30-6:00 pm

                   Virtual Open House 5:30 pm

    February 15-19: Mid Winter Break - No School