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    Volume I | Issue I 

    Welcome back to school

    Welcome Back

    This last two weeks has been wonderful seeing our kindergarten students get acclimated to school. The weather has been great for arrival, recess and dismissal. A reminder that the bell rings for students to enter the building at 7:50am unless they are having breakfast. If your child is having breakfast, please have them enter through the garden door and proceed to the cafeteria.
    We have many new staff to Lafayette! Please welcome our Assistant Principal Ms. Kaplan, Ms. Jones in 1st grade, Ms. Fadness in 2nd grade, Ms. Wieland in 3rd grade, Mr. Payne in music, Mr. Burke in instrumental music, Ms. Mattmiller in Access, Mrs. Kahn in Focus, and Ms. LaJune in Resource Room. Additionally, please welcome our new instructional assistants Ms. Bauer in preschool, Ms. Anderson in focus, Mr. Perez in access, and Ms. Boyd in access. We are still in the process of hiring a counselor, a 1.5 interventionist and 2 additional instructional assistants.
    We are going to start our STEAM classes. This is very exciting! These will start the first week of October and run through December 7th. We will be having a celebration of student work after the 7th.
    Mr. Payne is busy organizing a Veteran’s Day assembly that will be on November 9th. Students will be participating through songs and readings. We invite all community members who are currently serving in the armed forces or are veterans.
    A quick reminder that our first Coffee with the Principal is on October 5th at 8:00am. Please join us for an informal conversation.
    Cindy Chaput
    Principal @ Lafayette

    Ms. Kaplan's Corner

    Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year!  I am so thrilled to be working here at Lafayette as the Assistant Principal and look forward to building relationships with our students, families, and staff.  I will be splitting my time between Lafayette and Gatewood Elementary Schools but you will see me around Lafayette at least 4 out of 5 days per week as most of my schedule will be half-days.

    The beginning of the school year is a great time to reinforce school-wide values at home and to invite discussion about your child’s school day.  Over the summer, kids get to roam, be free, and often lose track of the norms we follow at school to build a safe, welcoming environment for all.  At Lafayette, we always come back to three core values: Show Respect, Make Good Decisions, and Solve Problems.  You can ask your child about their favorite thing about the day and challenge them to think about a core value that they observed in action during that time (or if it wasn’t positively in action, what could they do to help in the situation?).

    Thank you and I look forward to an outstanding school year working together! 

    Laura Kaplan
    Assistant Principal

    art birdFine Arts

    Welcome back to school!  We are off to a great start in Art. Kindergarten students have practiced sharing supplies with a partner and keeping supplies organized during clean-up time.  They have also created some wonderful colorful drawings.  First through fifth grade students have watched a video about an illustrator who assigns different meanings to forms we see in daily life.  For example, the shape of a fork can be used to create a neck of a giraffe.  Students fourth through fifth have used collage or the traced form to create their own interpretations.  First through third grade have traced objects in the art room.  These works will be on display soon.

    Nicole Bajaj


    Hello everyone!
    I am Mr. Payne, the new music teacher for Lafayette Elementary, and I am thrilled to be here!
    I am very excited to teach new songs, instrument pieces, and dances to all my students this year.
    We will be diving into the theory behind music with the discussion and practice of rhythmic patterns and sol-fa melodic dictation. Using these tools we will create, preform, respond, and connect to new music material and build a strong community of musicians. 
    I know this is going to be a great year!
    If you have any questions for me please do not hesitate to ask. 
    My email is

    Active kids! Greetings from P.E.

    I am looking forward to another great year of working with the wonderful students at Lafayette Elementary School. There are many concepts and activities that we cover in physical education that I hope your student is able to enjoy.
    These first couple weeks in Physical Education we  addressed social skills such as, “Being Kind” which will emphasize being a good sport & how to treat each other properly and with respect. Also, we were focusing on being safe so there are no injuries in PE J
    Once we have practiced our four Be’s of PE ( Be Kind, Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Be Safe) we will start our Adventure Challenges Unit which is full of cooperative games. This is where students will inquire about co-operating with others, solving problems and challenges, and trying different roles within a team.
    Finally, I’m looking for parent volunteers that want to help me plan for a family fitness night here at Lafayette Elementary. Please email me if you are interested at :

    stethascopeHealth Room

    Hello! My name is Alison Angell, and I am the nurse at Lafayette Elementary. I am at Lafayette on Tuesdays and every other Wednesday. Please stop by, call, or email me if you have any health concerns for your child. Health Office: 206-252-9507; Email:

    Medication at School
    An Authorization to Administer Medications at School form must be completed each year for medication your student will/may need at school and school camps. This includes all prescription and over-the-counter medications and remedies (Ibuprofen, Tylenol, anti-itch cream, etc.). An authorization form is also required for students to self-carry and self-administer any medications at school. This form can be found at the school office or Seattle Public Schools website at:

    Being fully immunized is important to keep all our students and staff safe and healthy. Some immunizations are required for continued attendance at school. Students may be excluded if their immunizations are not up to date.
    Seattle Public Schools uses the Washington state Immunization Information System (WAIIS) to track a student’s compliance. You may register with WAIIS to have access to your child’s immunization information at:

    Recess and Lunch Schedules

    K/1 Recess : 10:45-11:05 am
    Lunch : 11:05-11:30 am

    2/3 Recess : 11:10-11:30 am
    Lunch : 11:30-11:55 am

    4/5 Recess : 11:35-11:55 am
    Lunch : 11:55-12:20 pm